Securities Offered We are offering up to $70,000,000 in aggregate principal amount of our Notes in our public offering (the “Notes Program”). The Notes are governed by an indenture between us and U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee. The Notes do not have the benefit of a sinking fund and will not be guaranteed by the FDIC or any governmental or private insurance fund, or any other person or entity.
Minimum Investment (in whole dollars) A minimum investment of $500 is required.
Maximum Investment (in whole dollars) The maximum investment is $1,000,000 per Note, or $1,000,000 in the aggregate per investor, but a higher maximum investment amount may be approved by us on a case-by-case basis.
Interest Rate

Various rates will be offered by us from time to time, which will be impacted by the maturity selected by you (see “Maturity,” below), and will be subject to a range, as described in our Prospectus and any Prospectus supplements.

The Notes will initially be offered with maturities ranging from 12 months to 48 months from the date of issuance. The interest rates will vary within the predetermined interest rate ranges. Interest will be calculated based on the actual number of days your Note is outstanding. Interest is calculated and compounded monthly based on a 365/366 day year. When you make an investment your interest rate will be fixed throughout the duration of your investment.

Payment of Interest Interest will be calculated based on the actual number of days your Note is outstanding. Interest is calculated and compounded monthly based on a 365/366 day year. Interest will be earned daily, and we will pay interest to you monthly or at maturity as you request. If you choose to be paid interest at maturity rather than monthly, the interest will be compounded monthly. If any day on which a payment is due with respect to a Note is not a business day, then you will not be entitled to payment of the amount due until the following business day, and no additional interest will be due as a result of such delay. If you elect to be paid interest monthly, interest on your Note will be paid on the first business day of every month. Your first interest payment date will be the month following the month in which the Note is issued, except that if a new Note is issued within the last 10 days preceding an interest payment date, the first interest payment will be made on the next succeeding interest payment date (i.e., approximately 35–40 days after issuance). No payments under $50 will be made, with any interest payment being accrued to your benefit and earning interest on a monthly compounding basis until the payment due to you is at least $50 on an interest payment date.
Maturity Ranging from 12 months to 48 months from the date of issuance.
Redemption by You

Subject to our agreement in our sole discretion, you may request that we redeem a Note purchased by you at any time beginning 180 calendar days after the issuance date, with a 180-day interest penalty. This means that you will not receive the last 180 days’ worth of interest and, if the accrued and unpaid interest is not sufficient to cover the amount of the penalty, then any remaining amount of the interest penalty shall be deducted from the principal amount of the Note (i.e., we will subtract the remaining interest penalty from your original investment).

Holders of a Note with a 36-month maturity purchased on or after February 4, 2020 may require us to redeem all or a portion of such Note for a redemption price equal to the principal amount plus an amount equal to the unpaid interest thereon for such Note at the stated rate to the redemption date, subject to certain restrictions primarily related to how much advance notice is provided to us. The restriction requiring you to wait until 180 days have passed from the issuance of your Note to request a redemption does not apply to redemptions of 36-month Notes as described in this paragraph. See the “Description of Notes — Additional Redemption Options for Notes with a 36-Month Maturity” section of our Prospectus for additional information.

Redemption in the Event of Death Unless the subordination provisions in the indenture restrict our ability to make the redemption, at the written request of the executor or administrator of your estate (or if your Note is jointly held with another investor, at the written request of your joint investor), we will redeem the Note at any time after death for a redemption price equal to the principal amount plus earned but unpaid interest payable on the Note, without any interest penalty. We will seek to honor any such redemption request as soon as reasonably possible, based on our then current cash position and needs, but generally within two weeks of the request.
Redemption by Us At any time we may call your Note for redemption upon 30 to 60 days’ notice. The redemption price will be equal to the principal amount plus accrued and unpaid interest to the date of the redemption.
Subordination The Notes are subordinated, in all rights to payment and in all other respects, to all of our senior debt. Senior debt includes, without limitation, all of our bank debt, our secured lines of credit from affiliates, our unsecured line of credit, senior subordinated debt, and any debt we obtain in the future. This means that if we are unable to pay our debts when due, all of the senior debt would be paid first, before any payment would be made on the Notes.
Events of Default Under the indenture, an event of default is generally defined as (1) a default in the payment of principal or interest on the Notes that is not cured for 30 days, (2) bankruptcy or insolvency, or (3) our failure to comply with provisions of the Notes or the indenture if such failure is not cured or waived within 60 days after the receipt of a specific notice.
Transfer Restrictions Transfer of a Note is effective only upon the receipt of valid transfer instructions from the Note holder of record.
Trustee U.S. Bank National Association
Plan of Distribution This offering is being conducted directly by us, without any underwriter or placement agent.
Charitable Match Program We offer a charitable match program for interest payments that you elect to give to a qualifying charity. If you choose to participate in the program and donate all or a portion of your interest payments to charity, when we calculate your interest we will deduct the percentage of interest you selected and keep track of that amount separate from your information. After interest is calculated for all Note holders at the beginning of December of each year, all of the money for each charity will be totaled up and sent in one check to each charity. Each check will have the name and address of each contributor, and the amount each contributed. Our matching portion will be included in the total check. We will match your interest payment donation up to 10% of your interest.
Risk Factors See the Risk Factors and other information included in our Prospectus and any Prospectus supplement for a discussion of factors you should carefully consider before investing in the Notes.