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Current Investment Opportunities High Interest Investments For our Current Rate Supplement

You can invest as little as $500 up to $1,000,000.

The rate is determined by the note term, not your investment amount. You are not penalized for a smaller investment amount.

There are no investment fees charged to you. 100% of your investment earns interest.

You may choose monthly interest payments, or you may choose to have your interest be reinvested and compounded on a monthly basis. By allowing your interest to compound, a 10.0% annual yielding 48-month Note results in a yield to maturity of 48.94%.

The 36 month note offers additional early redemption options.

We will not issue checks or send ACH payments (except final payments) for less than $50, so amounts less than $50 will automatically compound monthly.


All investors MUST read the Prospectus before investing.

High Interest Investments Read the Prospectus

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