If you have selected an investment opportunity and are comfortable with the Summary of  Terms, then please select your preferred investment process method below:

The investment process online:

Step 1:  Read the Prospectus .

Step 2: Fill out the Subscription Agreement Form online. Click “Next” to review your form. Click “Submit Form”. If you prefer, you may complete the form online, then print and mail it to us along with a check for your investment amount.

Step 3:  We will contact you to confirm we have accepted your investment.

Step 4:  We will finalize your Subscription Agreement form. We will contact you by phone to obtain your social security number and date of birth. If you chose to have your investment deducted from a bank account, we will ask you for your account information. We request your personal information by phone so it is not transmitted electronically. Protecting your personal information is important to us.

The investment process via mail:

Step 1:  Request a Prospectus by completing the form on the contact page or by phone (302) 752-2688.

Step 2:  The Prospectus , Rate Supplement and the Subscription Agreement Form will be mailed to you.

Step 3:  Fill out the Subscription Agreement form and mail it along with your investment check to Shepherd’s Finance, LLC, 13241 Bartram Park Blvd., Suite 2401, Jacksonville, FL 32258.

 Step 4:  We will contact you to confirm we have accepted your investment. If we cannot accept your investment, we will notify you and return your check.

Questions? Please call us at (302) 752-2688 today to discuss our investment process and to answer any questions you may have while deciding whether or out Notes are a good match for your high interest investment goals.